Writing Exercise

Writing our thoughts down on paper can help us better prepare for the holiday season. The following questions can be used as a guide to help you get started.

  1. I anticipate the most difficult part of the holiday season will be:

  2. The most difficult people to be with might be:

  3. My grief triggers will be (places, events, food, etc.):

  4. Words that would be helpful for me to hear will be:

  5. My support people are:

  6. This year I want to include the following traditions:

  7. This year I do not want to include the following traditions:

  8. I do not want to spend my holiday with the following people:

  9. If someone says something that is not supportive to me, I will:

  10. A few things that might help me when Iím feeling intense pain or grief are:

Adapted from Hospice of the North Shore

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